The Beth Moore Cornucopia of False Doctrine, Mysticism, and Impassioned Frenzy

Beth Moore is a mainstream Evangelical superstar who speaks with an impassioned frenzy that inspires many women to become fanatical followers. She is not (officially) a pastor or theologian, but she serves both of those functions for millions and millions of people in the church. She first gained popularity in the 1990's when her theology was viewed as middle-of-the-road, Bible-based, Baptist teaching, but her teaching has become more mystical and subjective over the years. Beth Moore sometimes refers to her own direct conversations with God in order to establish and validate her teachings, and she emphasizes unity in the church over sound teaching about important doctrinal matters. Moore has partnered with and endorsed Word of Faith false teachers like Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Christine Cain, and she is featured prominently on TBN:

Because she has established herself as solid and dependable (partly through very good and consistent marketing), she is rarely questioned by Evangelicals, who believe a brand name Christian author must be speaking the truth. 

The following articles are from different Christians who are coming from different theological perspectives, but they all agree that Beth Moore's teachings are not totally trustworthy and Biblical, and in some cases, she is teaching ideas that go directly against God's Word:

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