The Hatmakers announce they are enemies of God

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My heart could not be more heavy as I read the hundreds of comments supporting Brandon and Jen Hatmaker's clarifying statements today doubling down on their stance that same sex marriages are holy before a Holy God.

It's not that two Leftist celebrities are jumping onto the sin-affirming bandwagon; it's that they're taking thousands of souls along for the ride, straight into rebellion against God.  And instead of "loving well" the people in the homosexual community, they are damning those people by affirming their sin; the very sin Jesus bled and died for. No one wants to hear about the hope of redemption through Christ. Anyone who tries is branded a bigot and hater.

What the Hatmakers have done is rip a huge divide that is bringing to light the masses of followers who think these celebs are taking an unpopular stand for truth - a new revelation of the Bible the Hatmakers discovered through their own study - versus those who truly stand for God's unchanging, eternal, breathed-out Word.

Today Brandon Hatmaker came out swinging against those who’ve raised alarm at his famous wife Jen Hatmaker’s public stance last week on homosexual marriage, in which she stated that a committed marriage between two people of the same sex was “holy” before God.

Brandon made a firm statement this afternoon, titled, “Where I stand on LGBTQ” on his Facebook page:

Brandon Hatmaker

To be clear…
Jen and I are 100% on the same page regarding her recent interview about our love and hope for the LGBTQ community. This is a journey we have been on together. We both believe a same-sex marriage, as a life-long monogamous commitment, can be holy before God.

He explained that his “shift” was the result of studying Scripture and prayer:

Every verse in the bible that is used to condemn a “homosexual” act is written in the context of rape, prostitution, idolatry, pederasty, military dominance, an affair, or adultery. It was always a destructive act. It was always a sin committed against a person. And each type of sexual interaction listed was an abuse of God’s gift of sex and completely against His dream for marriage to be a lifelong commitment of two individuals increasingly and completely giving themselves to one another as Christ did for the church.

But not one of these scriptures was written in the context of marriage or civil union (which simply did not exist at this time). Each act mentioned in the bible was sin, no doubt. In context, we believe the same today. Just like heterosexual sex outside of marriage is sin for obvious reasons, whether consensual or not, we still believe homosexual sex outside of marriage is a sin.

Take heart, our shift is not a departure from our everlasting love, dependency, and belief in the authority and infallibility of scripture. In fact, this is the exact opposite to a departure. We’ve always believed that the bible holds up.

On her Facebook Page, Jen lamented the pain she was in over “hateful” responses from those who would question her orthodoxy.

“I’m not here to defend or explain right now. I have very open hands here. I have nothing to protect, nothing worth losing that I am not afraid to lose…And I hold those of you who are angry or shocked or confused with me this week very tenderly, too. I love you and I am here in the tension, committed to our little community and to all these sisters of mine”

Like her husband, Jen warned her readers that the LGBTQ readers are watching the comments.

At this writing, nearly 19 thousand readers reacted and/or responded. And the most heartbreaking element of this entire tragedy is the Great Falling Away we’re seeing in the comments sections of both Jen’s and Brandon’s posts, as professing Christians are applauding this departure from God’s Word, while maintaining that it’s exactly what God would want. In other words, this celebrity power couple is calling good evil, and evil good. And their thousands of readers are nodding their doomed heads in agreement, as they, too, are making the “shift” to follow the Hatmakers on their merry way to apostasy.

Author Rachel Held Evans weighed in, supporting the notion that there actually IS something new under the sun: