The 7 Mountains Mandate doorbuster: "Buy a mountain for $25"

What is your Mountain for the Kingdom?  Would you like one? If you believe that Christians are mandated to take over the world's seven influential powerbases so that Jesus can come back, then here's your chance to buy a mountain for only $25.  An upcoming Wisconsin event is making this offer as a way to fulfill its 7 Mountain Mandate and fund its speaking series that kicks off this Sunday and runs through May. The speaker lineup includes a "gifted seer of the prophetic," a Green Bay "Packers Today" television show hostess, and the former lead guitar player for the rock group Skillet.

The invitation is from 3:20 Ministries of Milwaukee, which specializes in prophetic words called Revelations, a Sozo Freedom ministry and Apostolic Prayer from IHOP's Mike Bickle.  The invite reads in part:

"Yes, you can buy a mountain for only $25. What mountain are we talking about? You can buy one or more of the 7 Mountains of Society Trainings we are offering for next year. If you would like to buy all 7, the cost is only $150. Beginning January 10th, we will be emphasizing one mountain for 2 weeks, take a week off and then move onto another mountain. We are bringing speakers in that will bring encouragement, revelation and strategies to influence each mountain of society."

The 7 Mountain Mandate of this movement sends Christians to dominate by number and influence" Business & Finance, Education, Media, Government, Arts & Entertainment, Church, and Family.

This mandate is part of the New Apostolic Reformation ("NAR"), which is not an organization as much as a network of “apostles” and “prophets” who believe the Second Apostolic Age is here. This means the age of denominations has passed, and these “anointed” apostles and prophets must govern his or her area of influence.

These people are Dominionists, believe Christ cannot or will not come back until Christians have taken control of the earth. NAR leadership includes founder C. Peter Wagner, James Goll, Mike Bickle, Bill Johnson, Mark Chironna, Brian Simmons, Cindy Jacobs, and many others. But there are many other people out there without famous names who are the change agents for making dominionism happen.      Please read this White Paper on NAR Dominionism

To that end, here is the official lineup of speakers for the Wisconsin event, with a few bios from 3:20 Ministries I thought were significant, so I included partial statements from the invitation here:

Business/Finance Mountain
Ron Coltman (KingdomSendingCenter), and Josh Gierach
Matt Morse

Education Mountain
Kathy Berka - Pamela Munch - Valerie Pietrowiak
Media Mountain
Ben Kasica, former lead guitar player for Skillet
Lauren Magiera, co-host of Packers Today

Government Mountain
Scott Allen   "In recent years, Scott has volunteered his time to grow 7 Mountain non-profit organizations.  For two years he was CEO of the Atlanta Transformation League (ATL), a new 7 Mountain effort to mobilize Christians to solve Atlanta problems with Divine solutions."

Arts and Entertainment Mountain
Steve and Rene Springer, Senior Leaders of Global Presence Ministries. "Steven and Rene flow strongly in the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic anointing."
Steve Maddox, producer, director of the TV show Dreams & Mysteries with John Paul Jackson, which currently airs on the Daystar television network

Church Mountain
Recie Saunders, Vineyard pastor, equipping local dream, prophetic, and power evangelism teams for church ministry outreach events., and creator of a teaching titled, "Children's Dreams and the Night Season," designed to help parents understand and nurture their children's dreams.

Family Mountain

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