Jen Hatmaker: "Christians should open wide their churches to LGBT community"

Jen Hatmkaer

Jen Hatmkaer

So many Christian women who love the Lord are very upset with me for warning them about Jen Hatmaker. Yes, I know, Jen is the lovable mom, writer and speaker who is known for being "Raw and Real." Apparently she says what women think, or wish they could say, and she tells a lot of great, emotional stories.

But if we judge her fruit (that's her doctrine, ladies; not her social works) against the truth of Scripture, we find that underneath that sweet funny rawness of hers is a wolf who is luring women by the hundreds of thousands into the maw of deception. Is that unloving of me? No! I am trying to help women see Christ and warn them against counterfeits.  I got a lot of hate mail after posting "4 Concerns about Jen Hatmaker's Teachings, and another slew after reviewing her "bible study" book that dips into sorcery: “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess” (Why aren't we having women study the actual Bible?)

Today there is even more reason to warn women away from this teacher. I am thankful that Hatmaker puts her progressive cards on the table for all to see. Her latest Facebook post over the weekend is not biblical Christianity:

Here is the full post:

"After our beautiful, beautiful event today, a woman walked up to me and said: "I have been waiting my entire life for someone in church to say the words you said today."

It was so precious that even as I type this, I am crying.

One things I said was that it is high time Christians opened wide their arms, wide their churches, wide their tables, wide their homes to the LGBT community. So great has our condemnation and exclusion been, that gay Christian teens are SEVEN TIMES more likely to commit suicide.

Nope. No. No ma'am. Not on my watch. No more. This is so far outside the gospel of Jesus that I don't even recognize its reflection. I can't. I won't. I refuse.

So whatever the cost and loss, this is where I am: gay teens? Gay adults? Mamas and daddies of precious gaybees? Friends and beloved neighbors of very dear LGBT folks?

Here are my arms open wide. So wide that every last one of you can jump inside. You are so dear, so beloved, so precious and important. You matter so desperately and your life is worthy and beautiful. There is nothing "wrong with you," or in any case, nothing more right or wrong than any of us, which is to say we are all hopelessly screwed up but Jesus still loves us beyond all reason and lives to make us all new, restored, whole. Yay for Jesus! Thank God he loves us. He is not embarrassed of any of us. I am not a scandal, you are not a scandal. We are not "bringing down his brand."

Anyhow, my message to you today is simple, LGBT gang and all those who love you: You are loved and special and wanted and needed."

Ladies, yes we are to love people by sharing the truth of the Gospel with them, which also requires us to tell them of their wickedness, their separation from God, their need for a Savior and His command to repent.

Brandon Hines observes:

"Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that Hatmaker has touched on the issue of homosexuality. In an article in 2014 about the World Vision “gay marriage” issue, she made the case that the Bible isn’t clear enough on the issue of homosexuality. She stated,

This is a fact: Thousands of churches and millions of Christ-followers faithfully read the Scriptures and with thoughtful and academic work come to different conclusions on homosexuality (and countless others). Godly, respectable leaders have exegeted the Bible and there is absolutely not unanimity on its interpretation. There never has been. Historically, Christian theology has always been contextually bound and often inconsistent with itself; an inconvenient truth we prefer to selectively explain.

Throwing the the Doctrine of God, a Christian essential, to the wind to emphasize her point, she went on to say,

… [T]here has never been ‘one way’ to interpret scripture. There has never been ‘one way’ to be a biblical church. Even the early church leaders had severe and lasting disagreements about the nature of God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Salvation, Faith, Works, etc.
                                 (Source: Pulpit&Pen)

Hatmaker's post has so far received 34,000 "likes," and hundreds of "amen" comments like this one:

Ladies, this is what we call the wide path. I am more convicted than ever before that we must continue to speak up and warn our sisters to take heed, because the days are so evil, and this warning is for wolves in the CHURCH:

"...For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.…"   2 Timothy 3:6

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