Borderless world; borderless Church - what's the big deal?

Scratching your head over John Kerry's recent "borderless world" comments? Consider this: The visible church is cooking up the very same concept.

It's an anti-doctrinal blending that can be summed up in one battle cry: UNITY.

Unity in this movement can bring together charismatics, reformed folk, NAR/Word of Faith, seeker-friendly churches, progressive/emergent leftists, and Roman Catholics, all under one umbrella. Because you don't need doctrinal distinctives or even denominations, as long as you all love Jesus and are kind to each other and the planet.

How is this New Unity accomplished?  Through those mega-signs-and-wonders revival meetings shaping the landscape of churchianity:  The Call: Azusa Now. Revival D.C. 2016. The West Virginia AwakeningLos Angeles Azusafest. And this summer's Reset: Together 2016. Youth by the bussload are converging and learning that this kind of unity for borderless churches is desirable and necessary.

Then you have the leadership conferences, like this summer's Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit 2016, Bill Hybel's cornucopia of worldly movers and shakers and one of two guest pastors is Prosperity Gospel guru T.D. Jakes. All under the Unity umbrella; all to bring your pastors to a new understanding that we need to listen to each other to find common ground.

Why find common ground?

Because if you can create a borderless church, you can join hands to create a Kingdom here on Earth.

Newsflash: This isn't heaven, and God has already created the Kingdom of Heaven which He will bring to Earth.  He doesn't need ours. And the massive revivals? Jesus said at the end of time that there would be a massive falling away of those professing to be His. I checked my Bible, and there's not one word about a giant revival - except for that false one that's coming. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12)