The Hard Truth About Mike Bickle and IHOP

Why do people have concerns about Mike Bickle's International House of Prayer (IHOP)?  Millions and millions of people around the globe have been impacted by IHOP, and have been taught theology that is not true. In fact, Bickle himself says that the majority - 80 percent - of all of the dreams, visions and manifestations at these services, seminars and conferences are FAKE.

If this offends you and you love the experiences you've had at IHOP, please understand that I don't post these things to be hateful or critical, as if you need to have your beliefs line up with mine. Heaven forbid! But I do passionately care about those who have been learning about a very different God, a very different Gospel, than what the Bible teaches. The Bible alone teaches you how to compare and discern different truth claims.

Today Chris Rosebrough interviewed Steve Kozar and me for a Fighting for the Faith podcast, in which the three of us discuss the history and ministries of this worldwide organization based in Kansas City. We compare Mike Bickle's teachings to the Word of God. 

My hope and prayer is that those of you who have been invited by a loved one to hear the evidence will realize that the IHOP's teachings are opposed to the truth of Scripture. Take a listen to this podcast, and please do read the links below.