Family Christian refuses to pull "adult" cowboy book

I don't know what it is about cowboy porn, but apparently lewd cowboys are a lucrative Christian hot seller. The gyrating Naked Cowboy at Hillsong NYC's womens's conference a few weeks ago isn't the first. A Christian bookseller has been quietly selling adult cowboy content for some time.

This particular book is advertised as a Christian Western, and titled in a series, "The Gunsmith" called, Silver War. On the cover, note the ADULT label.

I was alerted to this by a discerning friend of mine who loves westerns. His name is Cowboy Bob Sorensen, and has a wonderful Creation ministry called The Question Evolution Project, and Piltdown Superman. I've interviewed him a few times on SUFTT, and I can tell you he is NOT that kind of cowboy! 

Bob first noticed this book a year ago while searching for Christian western fiction. He alerted me to a site he'd found called "Family Christian," a non-profit merchandiser that says its proceeds go to help orphans. A noble cause, but what of the content it sells to do that?

Here's a screen cap from the first chapter:  (Warning: sexual content)

                                 Excerpt from  The Silver War

                                Excerpt from The Silver War

When he lodged a complaint one year ago to Family Christian,  Sorensen says the response was prompt. 

"My brain hollered, "Whoa!" I sent an e-mail to them the same day (July 25, 2015), asking why they are selling "adult" material, and copied a description from the Gunsmith Wiki. Them books ain't neither family nor Christian! Well, I got a reply from customer service that same day. She said that she would have IT remove the book, and said something about "As you could see this doesn’t show details or any information on the item..." First, the cover plainly says, "Adult Western". Second, that's no excuse for such sloppy checking before putting items in their store."

Unfortunately, one month later...

"As of today, August 1, 2015, it's still there. Was I lied to? Incompetence? Something else? I don't rightly know".  (source)

And a year later, it is still for sale. Lip service was paid, but nothing was done. 

Read Bob's story about this, titled, "The Label "Christian" is No Guarantee of Content"