FabLife's Church Fashion Show

If it's been a few years since you glanced at daytime television, you might be amazed at how much it has changed. After a morning on my couch (recovering from the effects of a muscle relaxer for my new workout I call "farm chores"), I found myself feeling more ill than the cause that put me on the couch in the first place.

A show called FabLife features an effeminate male named Joe and three of the most narcissistic females I've ever heard. Today they talked about what church means to them (because it's about them), and how to look fabulous doing whatever it is they do there.

Not to get "legalistic" or anything with how Christian women should adorn themselves. Because this is the world, right? And the world is getting increasingly dark. Whatever.  But when those two worlds collide, a lot of gullible Christians will get smushed between the two; secular and holy. And since most don't know Holy, there won't be much of a difference.

One more clip: Apparently for Joe, it's worth mentioning that he gets a huge spiritual boost outta church. Then he introduces bare midriff woman.


I've learned my lesson. The TV in our house is relegated to news and weather.