Why do we want Greater Things than Scripture?

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When we want "greater things" than the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we fall into the jaws of Satan-ordained wolves who promise that WE can have power and WE can be like God.

If you don't know how to get that power, conferences like this one in my hometown will impart it unto you. The keynote speaker at this thing is the former editor of Charisma Magazine:

The other speaker claims to have "a powerful word of knowledge and healing gift, along with a strong anointing for miracles and the supernatural." They are part of a network of New Apostolic Reformation teachers, imparting a different Jesus and a different Gospel on millions of people around the world. It's happening in my backyard, and in yours. Every. Single. Day.

Truly, truly, the Greater Things Jesus spoke of in Scripture is the miracle that He beat death, appeared to many witnesses, and ascended into Heaven, in front of hundreds more. It's the miracle of the Holy Spirit, who lives within the repentant, born-again believers who are His forever.

So when you see things like this, warn the flock in tears and truth.