3 reasons to avoid Hillsong music

Are we being fed Goat’s Milk without even knowing it?

Some of the most popular worship music we sing in churches around the world every Sunday contain flat-out heretical statements.  Lyrics that are actually a counterfeit Christianity, slowly lulling us into belief in a different Gospel and a different Jesus.  Once you see it held up to the light of Scripture, you won't want to hear it in your church or even your car.

Many of you attend churches that may avoid the Hillsong theology, and yet still see the Hillsong music on your Jumbotron as the music team performs the hits. Does this make you squirm? It should.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with Fighting for the Faith's Chris Rosebrough and Steven Kozar to discuss worship music lyrics from Hillsong, and how some very dangerous and unbiblical theology is hiding in plain sight.

Is music a big deal? After all, isn't worship music is simply a way to worship corporately together to prepare our heart for the true message we are about to hear in the sermon?  Yes! But the music that Hillsong produces is specifically designed for another purpose: to amplify our emotions and get us to "lose ourselves through worship music," and to prepare our fertile hearts for the planting of heresy they say comes from God Himself.

We know Hillsong is dangerous. What makes Hillsong music dangerous?

  1. Hillsong believes and has stated that their lyrics are "God-Breathed."
  2. Hillsong claims its music is designed to support leader Brian Houston's vision.
  3. The lyrics range from theologically mushy to full on New Apostolic Reformation, Word of Faith, and Purpose Driven heresies. Here is the podcast of the discussion and the review of lyrics: