When "guilt by association" hits home

What do you do when the head of your church or denomination publicly joins hands with a known apostate teacher on the world stage?  If you speak up, you will hear the familiar accusation that you are unfairly using guilt by association. Speak up anyway.

Bible study author, speaker and blogger Michelle Lesley takes prominent Christian leader Ronnie Floyd to task for uniting with International House of Prayer's Mike Bickle:

"About two months ago, I was deeply grieved to learn that the president of my own denomination (the Southern Baptist Convention) would be be appearing as one of the featured speakers at the International House of Prayer’s (IHOP) Onething 2015 conference. (See my article here. If you’re not familiar with the demonic {and, no, that is not an exaggeration} doctrine and practices of IHOP, please examine the resources listed at the end of the article.)

I (and others I’m aware of) attempted several times to contact Dr. Floyd to plead with him not to do this, but was unable to reach him. Several of my readers suggested (and I prayed) that perhaps Dr. Floyd would use his speaking time at Onething to rebuke IHOP’s false doctrine as pastors are instructed by Scripture to do, or, at the very least, that he would preach the gospel in order that attendees might be saved.

Unfortunately, to his and the Southern Baptist Convention’s shame, Dr. Floyd did not do either of these things, but spoke in a conciliatory, brotherly way to the IHOP leadership and Onething audience about working and praying together in unity to bring about revival in the United States.

Why was this a grievous and shameful thing to do?"  

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