What we talk about when we talk about discernment

Last week I had the tremendous privilege of sitting down for a conversation with the captain of this ship, Chris Rosebrough. It was the first time in many months that the red microphone light was ON, and I was a little nervous!

(That's because the tables were turned, and this time Chris was interviewing me rather than the other way around.)

Here's that conversation if you'd like to give it a listen:

I've interviewed Chris Rosebrough many times in the past five years, and it's kind of funny because I was usually soloing at the radio station when Chris was the guest. Behind the scenes, I knew that Chris was my go-to guy; the one who I knew could carry me through a one-hour program without me having to be nervous or anxious.  He'd be the first one I'd call whenever I knew I'd be by myself.

Here are some of my favorite interviews with the Captain: