Evangelicals looking to the wrong savior

Donald Trump at Liberty University

Donald Trump at Liberty University

There's a lot of evangelical hand-wringing of late, over which Christian candidate can bring our nation back into the greatness that it once was. "If we can only elect a true Christian," is a sentiment often heard among those who see the nation sinking into darkness.

The Washington Post reports in an article, Donald Trump is running as Christianity’s savior. And it might work:

But even if Trump is not a very good Christian in the eyes of some evangelical leaders, the Times interviews with evangelical voters suggest that Trump’s personal morality may not matter much to them. Instead, Trump’s success among evangelical voters may be rooted in the fact that, more than any other GOP candidate, Trump is able to speak to their sense of being under siege. Trump somehow conveys that he understands on a gut level that both Christianity and the country at large are under siege, and what’s more, he is not constrained by politically correct niceties from saying so and proposing drastic measures to reverse this slide into chaos and godlessness.

So we see the obvious dominionism 7 Mountains Mandate folks, thinking God wants them to put one of "His guys" in the White House.  And then there are the not-so-obvious. The ones who are feeling upset and outraged over who is endorsing whom. When Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump last night, a unified wail of betrayal could be heard: "How could she do that!"  Because they know that Trump is Christian in name only, sharing recently that he has never repented:

Donald Trump said Saturday that "I am not sure that I have" ever asked God for forgiveness, telling the 2015 Iowa Family Leadership Summit that "I just go on and try to do a better job from there. "If I do something wrong, I think I just try to make it right," Trump said. "I don't bring God into that picture. I don't. ...I am a religious person. I'm Protestant. I'm Presbyterian. People are so shocked and they find this out."  Source

...And because they know that Sarah Palin's endorsement has a lot of pull in Washington and the nation, especially appealing to the dominionist groups affiliated with the New Apostolic Reformation.  (Christian, do you really need Sarah Palin to endorse your guy?)

Looking the other way, perhaps you don't mind that she endorses many strange and worldly things. Is that so-called "Christian" stamp of approval anything more than a game for gain? 

And to that point of glossing over important things and looking the other way:  When Liberty University invited Trump to speak at the conclave - Denny Burke rightfully pointed out the fact that its president, Jerry Falwell Junior, muddied the waters and confused the sheep:

Falwell even said that Trump had born “fruit” through a life of love and charity to others. In every way, Liberty framed Trump’s appearance as if it were a Christian message from a Christian person. The only problem with this is that it was not clearly either one of those things. 
It may advance a political agenda to leave these things in obscurity, but it doesn’t advance the kingdom of God. Donald Trump doesn’t have to be a Christian in order to run for president or to speak at Liberty University. But Liberty University—as a Christian institution of higher learning—has a responsibility not to confuse people about what Christianity is. And today they fell short of that in a big way. (see, What was wrong with Trump’s appearance at Liberty)

Sheep stumbling is not to be taken lightly.

This election season is important, because there is a lot at stake. But ultimately our cause is the cause of Christ. The real gain ought to be for the cause of the Gospel, not this.