On the Chuck Missler partnership with "prophet" Kim Clement

A lot of Christians have been asking about one of a well-known Bible teacher, Pastor Chuck Missler. I've been aware of growing concerns being voiced from around the country over teachings and partnerships, including the pairing of Pastor Missler with New Apostolic Reformation "singing prophet" Kim Clement. This is one of many video promotions from Clement's site, in which he talks about his prophetic gifts - extra-biblical visions and knowledge he says God gave him directly to share with his massive audience:

The Discernment Research Group has released its findings about the pairing of Pastor Missler's Koinonia Institute with Kim Clement. The article is lengthy and addresses many concerns, all footnoted and linked so that readers can examine and compare these events to Scripture as the Bereans did.

With permission, I've republished a snippet of the report with a link back to the entire article, originally posted at Herescope:

Kim Clement & Chuck Missler

The Merging of Muddy Waters

For the past few years, we have documented the ever-mystical leanings of notable Bible teacher and author, Chuck Missler, ultimately listing him among a group of evangelical teachers we’ve dubbed ‘Postmodern Prophecy Paradigm’ (PPP) leaders, because of their gravitation away from sound truth revealed in Scripture alone, coupled with their feverish efforts to re-fashion end-times prophecy to fit their extra-biblical speculations. We have written extensively and in detail of these seductive, morphing departures from the Word of God.[v] The end result has been a toxic mixture of truth and error—leading away from Christ and headlong into the occult.

Chuck Missler during a Q & A at Clement’s House of Destiny (HOD)

In recent years, Missler has been embroiled in several controversies related to his teachings dealing with Quantum Mysticism, Cryptic Bible Codes, and Nephilim False Eschatology.  He has also been caught on more than one occasion in plagiarism.

In 2007, Missler drew yet another type of controversy when he appeared on the speaking platform with a group of NAR prophets, mystics, and teachers, for the Quantum Leap2 conference—co-sponsored by the extreme prophetic entity, TheElijahList.

It was therefore a curious thing to discover that NAR prophet Kim Clement had hosted Chuck Missler for a 3-day End Times Conference—beginning on January 9th of this year—desirous to “wash” in Missler’s “river” (see the first quote at the top of this post). On Day 2 of this conference, Missler announced to the energetic crowd present, and to his untold video audience, “we sense a real partnership emerging between Kim and myself”[xii] (see the bottom quote at the top of this post).

So, who is Prophet Kim Clement and what sort of partnership might this merge into?

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