Joyce Meyer cancels IHOP's "OneThing" appearance New Year's Eve

Joyce Meyer

It appears Joyce Meyer has cancelled her speaking event for the New Year's Eve gala at International House of Prayer (IHOP)'s OneThing event.

She had been scheduled to be the keynote speaker for One Thing.

Says IHOP's organizers:

Joyce Meyer, who was scheduled to be with us at Onething 2014, has had to cancel speaking at the conference due to some unforeseeable personal circumstances. Joyce expressed her regret to us that she is unable to be with us and has had to cancel her visit at the last minute.

Joyce is one of the most respected and listened to Bible teachers in the earth today. We are grateful for her ministry and ask the Lord to bless and strengthen her in this season as she continues to glorify Jesus in her ministry to the Body of Christ.   source

No word on why, or whether Meyer will also cancel her upcoming acting gig with Roma Downey's upcoming The Women of the Bible tv series (also starring Victoria Osteen, Kay Warren and others).

This leaves IHOP with a problem: Who will step up at the last minute to fill Joyce Meyer's shoes?  Last year Francis Chan was the One Thing keynote, an affiliation that raised alarm bells from many of his followers, especially when Chan softly scolded watchmen and discerners who have been comparing Mike Bickle's teachings to Scripture and have found massive contradictions. See What to make of the Francis Chan/IHOP union.