Tony Blair's Strategy to Battle "Religious Extremism" starts with young

Tony Blair, an honorary speaker at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit a few years ago, says that his global interfaith organization wants to teach our next generation to think critically so they can learn to easily dismiss all forms of religious extremists.  Interestingly, Bible-believing Christians.  Lighthouse Trails files this report:

Tony Blair Calls for “Comprehensive Strategy to Counter Religious Extremism”

Tony Blair

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation has issued a statement calling for a “comprehensive strategy to counter religious extremism,” stating:

Around the world, a continuing cycle of extremism and violence in the name of religion continues to blight communities and destroy lives. In recent months there has been growing recognition at the highest international levels that we need a comprehensive strategy to counter religious extremism, beyond immediate security measures. Now it is up to all of us to turn this broad consensus into a plan that can be implemented. For our part, in our sixth year of operation, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation remains committed to finding innovative and practical new ways to do this.

The Foundation hopes that,

By teaching young minds the necessary critical thinking skills we can help them dismiss extremist content and become at ease with the many different cultures and faiths of the world, through respectful dialogue.  (To read this entire report from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, click here.)

In an essay written by Tony Blair, he states:

Defeating [ISIS] is indeed vital. But another ISIS will quickly arise to take their place unless we go to the root of the issue and deal with this ideology wherever and however it shows itself on a coordinated global basis.

Sadly, the world’s leaders are attempting the impossible—curing the world’s problems without Jesus Christ. And in their efforts, they will help to fulfill Bible prophecy that describes an end-time scenario of persecution against Bible believers (who are now being called extremists).

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