Once again the dominionists make it about us rather than Him

This is disgusting to me. And I am about to lose my mind if I see one more conference promising anything other than the eternal Hope we have in Christ.

What if my "larger story" isn't about living to my potential or fulfilling my fleshly dreams for myself, but living for Him, even to the point of death? How well would this conference play to the Iraqi or Syrian Christians who are having their heads sliced off right now because the world hates Whom they represent?

We are NOT change agents, we are sinners who have been washed clean and as a result follow and obey Christ.

Change Agents are about us, not about Him. We ought to call ourselves disciplers. Sadly, we are so focused on reclaiming some idea of the "7 Mountain Mandate" (which is not in the Bible), that we've lost sight of God's eternal glory.


If you want to focus on yourself, have at it:

During this event, you will discover:

  • The life-changing processes that God uses to raise His change agents
  • Clarity on the reasons why God made you and your unique purpose
  • How to contend for your God-given destiny
  • How to hear Gods voice more clearly in your life
  • The roots of adversity and why God allows it
  • The four primary reasons people do not fulfill their God-ordained purpose
  • The 6 stages God uses to raise up His change agents
  • Understand the Joseph Calling and the process God uses to make His "Josephs"
  • How to gain freedom from hindrances to fully experience the love of the Father
  • How childhood wounds affect our ability to experience God's love for us and how to get free from them
  • What it means to have a biblical worldview and how an understanding of this helps us fulfill God's calling for our lives, and protect us from the enemy's schemes
  • 7 in-depth teaching sessions with discussion times and Q&A
  • In-depth teaching on the 7 mountains of culture and how to be a catalyst for influence*