False teacher Todd Bentley exposed by Justin Peters [VIDEO]

"I have a Word," drawls a man from the back of the whipped up crowd. The frenzied folks in Todd Bentley's flock open their mouths in surprised silence as the crowd parts to reveal a man waiting to be heard. This piques the interest of the lead wolf, and Bentley encourages this man to speak the Word he has just heard from God Almighty. What Todd doesn't realize is that the man is Justin Peters, whose ministry exposes the darkest deception of apostate movements like Word of Faith, as well as the fake healings, signs, and wonders put forth by the likes of Bentley.

Todd Bentley (via Pen and Pulpit)

This is a brave move by Justin Peters, who himself is in a wheelchair and at one point in his youth was hoping these hucksters could heal his cerebral palsy. Peters went forward at one of Bentley's healing events in Tulsa where people were standing in line for one of Bentley's "anointings," but instead Peters read to him a stern warning from the words of Jesus Christ:

From P&P:

Bam-Bam (who got that nickname from his unique healing style, which includes hitting and kicking people) made the mistake of giving Justin the microphone. That was NOT a smart idea. After Justin gave a “prophetic word” from Matthew 7, Bam-Bam asked who was the “worker of iniquity” Justin was referring to. Justin said, “You are.” They then took the mic and Justin continued to preach until they forced him off stage.

Then, they removed him from the building and called the police on Justin and his associates (after Bam-Bam prayed that God would bless them).

Glory to God that truth might be spoken there.

Amen (source)