Are inner healing "SOZO," and "Theophostic" ministries biblical?

Inner healing ministries that promise "deliverance" from the bondage of sins, lies we've told ourselves or the demonic realm have gained a foothold in a growing number of modern churches. But are they biblical? Our guest today says no. Psychology-based programs such as SOZO, Theophostic counseling and others often use techniques that are concerning to those who know the Word of God forbids such practices and methodology.

“SOZO” is a psycho-spiritual deliverance and inner healing methodology birthed out of Bethel Church in Redding, California (think signs, wonders and gold glitter "glory clouds.") Theophostic counseling is a guided meditation and age regression technique that helps counselees conjure up images of painful childhood memories through visions. (See "WHY THEOPHOSTIC PRAYER MINISTRY IS NEITHER PRAYER NOR CHRISTIAN MINISTRY")

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