Kim Clement says Pope Francis is "God’s Chosen"

Kim Clement

Kim Clement is a self-proclaimed modern day prophet, who makes predictions that do not come true. (That means Kim Clement is a ___ ____.)  Clement is part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), a dangerous movement that has ensnared many on the conservative side of Christianity. Here is his latest blood-moon Roman utterance:

Says Clement:

...I was in a state of an "ecstatic" perception, caught into a prophetic elevation, and during this moment I caught a glimpse of a variety of religious garments and oil being poured on them. Then I saw Pope Francis. Over the next few hours and especially when I went to my Garden to pray the next morning, I realized how BIG this global event was going to be. A few days later I received a phone call confirming that what I had seen was already in the making. This Easter weekend, the prophetic utterance will be released when we gather together on Saturday.

On the very night/day of the blood moon, April 14/15, this all unfolded without us actually realizing it until later. Israel was affected by the blood moon in 1948-49 and in 1967-68, but this blood moon (April 15th) was the beginning of a global shaking that will affect the Roman Catholic Church.

Here is his "utterance," although we know it isn't from God, it has to come from somewhere!

As I stand at this cross, there is one that I have chosen who has kneeled at this cross many, many times.  I speak of the one who calls himself after St. Francis of Assisi.  The Spirit of the Lord spoke for him to come and stand at the head, but this man is not like any other, says the Lord.  This man has been appointed to join the hearts of Protestant faith – Catholic – those who are Spirit-filled.  And I will do something so unique and so different, says the Lord, because of his acknowledgement of My power.  There is a renewal that will take place that will far surpass what took place in the 60’s and in the 70’s.  My Spirit will not be confined; neither will it be arrested only for one or two groups of people.  My eye is on the globe; My eye is on the earth.  My eye, says the Lord, is upon planet Earth, to pour out of My Spirit. And I have chosen Pope Francis as one of the voices that will speak, and he will command and they will try and assassinate him three times.  They will try within to damage him.  God says, they will even try to poison him, but his voice will not be stopped, says the Lord.  I will cause people to run to the cross, people to cling to the cross.  Many souls shall come. And then, God says, there will be a change in the entire system.  I will make a change, for what Martin Luther did 500 years ago, and when he nailed a thesis to the door and said “this is it – we believe that by faith we are saved, which is a gift of God, saved unto works, not by works.”  God’s Spirit says so it shall be that this man shall pronounce that as well and there shall be fire that shall ignite in the southern part of America, in the central part of America.  There shall be criminals that shall be brought to justice.  And God says this man shall change laws and there will be creeds that will come forth and the Catholic people shall rejoice and they shall smile again for I will fill them with light.  I will light the candles of My incense in the buildings that were once built for My glory but were taken and used as stone, as a place of refuge, as a place of religion.  I will take those same buildings throughout the earth and I will raise them up.  And in Italy, I will do something that is so anointed and strange they shall have two earthquakes and then you will know that God has begun to do His work throughout the earth.  This is My word, says the Lord.  Pray for it shall come to pass, says the Lord.


Pope Francis

They will find in the treasuries, in the cryptos; material and scrolls.  They were supposed to be hidden but will get into the hands of scientists and they shall say, “We must hide these.”  But because of this pope, which was spoken years ago of, My Spirit will guide him and he shall present these things that are hidden in the caves.  People shall be amazed at what has been hidden but the world shall understand there is a key.  It is the key of David that shall unlock.  And they will say, “we must argue that this is not authentic,” but they shall be proven wrong because of technology that shall emerge.  I do this for My kingdom, which is coming, says the Lord, and for My King, who is coming, My Son. Before that great day, before that great hour, there shall be a discovery after discovery of the scrolls and the documents and truths shall emerge from caves, from tunnels, from the ground.  And Christ shall be known throughout the earth and great celebration shall take place because of this, says the Lord. (Source)