Are you sure you are "good to go?"


Can you imagine serving in your church, living morally and doing or saying all the right things and then finding out that you are living a lie? We can serve with our gifts, we can teach Sunday school and even host small groups in our homes, and yet still become the false converts Jesus spoke of.

It happens when those discipling you don't teach you about sin, God's wrath, repentance, Christ crucified as an atonement for what we deserve. Sadly in our post-modern world, that’s exactly what many people have experienced in a growing number of seeker-purpose-business driven models where words like “sin” and “repent” are deemed too harsh for attendees and visitors to handle. 

You might want to check out, Falsified: The Danger of False Conversion, from the website, Falsified Ministries, which is full of resources and articles to help you learn more.

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