More leaders "Lingering" with IHOP?


There are all sorts of 2014 conferences we're seeing on calendars that join together teachers from various movements. But when those movements include NAR or Word of Faith, we take notice of those mainstream teachers who would choose to give their stamp of approval by joining and affiliating. That said, here is an interesting new conference called LINGER 2014, featuring John Piper, Matt Chandler and IHOP (International House Of Prayer) teacher and leader Steve Venable,  who is holding a Special Session on “Lingering” at the conference, which also features a “Linger Room.”  Says researcher Ken Silva over at Apprising Ministries:

I must tell you that after some 25+ years in the ministry fields of Christian apologetics, counter-cult evangelism, and Comparative Religion, I’ve never heard of this lingering. My initial guess is that we’re going to be told we should “linger in the presence of God.”