Transformers: More than meets the eye [VIDEO]

Transformers Movie Megatron 4

Are we being re-wired? Or is that just the tinfoil hat thing? The following verses tell us that we can expect the world to transform us into good global citizens for the greater collective good. 1 John 5:19 Romans 12:2 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 The truth is, we 're either transformed into the image of Christ Jesus, or transformed into the image of the Father of Lies. There is no neutral ground, no grey areas.

It seems that even professing Christians are excited for the global transformation - the worldly kind.When it comes to transforming our next generations here is more than meets the eye in our schools and at transformational festivals. The real meaning of "Emergent" isn't what you think, and its leaders Brian McLaren, Jim Walls, Phyllis Tickle and Shane Claiborne, are working to coordinate this global effort with our worldwide organizations.

The world is conforming itself to Satan, tying secular techno dance raves to emergent ancient/future plans.

Christianity has never needed festivals or conferences. Yet we've gone from conferences like Catalyst to festivals like Wild Goose to advance an agenda.

The world is following suit, and we encourage you to follow the links to:

The Bloom Series Transformational Festivals

Watch Jeet-Kei’s TEDx talk on Transformational Festivals which was the precursor of The Bloom series:


Compare transformational festivals in the world and in the visible church:

World Transformational Festivals

Christian Transformational Festivals

Burning Man

(Nevada) Burn Communities 70,000

Wild Goose Festival


(Georgia) 180,000



(Scottland)  Celtic/Druid rave

the Iona Community


(Budapest) 400,000

Burning Man

Wakeup Fest

3-hour cosmic mass


Universal Religion

in Nepal


Rainbow Serpent