The Eucharest: the New Evangelization targets you, Christian!

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If you are horrified by the teaching that the wafer offered in the Catholic mass is actually the flesh of Jesus Christ which you must eat to be right with God, you might want to understand that there is an intentional campaign going on to get you to drop your disgust and embrace this idea. It is being promoted by the Catholic system, with a heavy push from many evangelical leaders. Some of those are heavyweights with lots of influence.

We've talked before about the "Evangelical Catholicism" movement, and how it will be used in these last days to bring about and shape a one-world religion. Saddleback pastor Rick Warren is a huge part of this movement, and he recently  endorsed this year's  “Catholics Come Home” book calling Catholic evangelization “critically important.”

Here is a part of a chapter from Roger Oakland's book, Another Jesus, originally shared at the Lighthouse Trails blog:

“The New Evangelization” by Roger Oakland

Not everything labeled the gospel is the true Gospel. Further, it follows that the term evangelization, if it is based on a counterfeit gospel, will seduce people into believing they are going to heaven, when instead they may be on their way to hell.

The New Evangelization [is] a program currently being promoted by the Catholic Church and designed to win the world to Christ—the Eucharistic Christ.

What is the New Evangelization?

While reading a book or an article, have you ever come across a term you have never seen before and suddenly your mind was illuminated? Just as if a light switch was turned on and a darkened room was lit, the significance of what you read became apparent. Such was the case for me when I came across the phrase the New Evangelization.  (Read the rest here)