Battle Lines Drawn


Lines are being drawn spiritually and in our physical world, as the lives of Bible-professing Christians are slowly but surely being scrutinized by the world, by the government, by the visible Church. As Christians, we want to unite around the truth and love of Jesus Christ. But there are so many divisions. And it’s not the folks telling you about the divisions that is doing the dividing. Remember last week we talked about the Titus definition of division: False Teaching.

So what divides?  From the inside, we are unraveling in different movements, from contemplative spiritual formation to the business church growth movement.  Over the next few days on our program, we’re looking at two sides of those dividing lines:

  • Growth Driven vs. Gospel Driven
  • Doctrinal Truth vs. Experiential Feelings
  • Inclusive Universalism vs. Exclusive Christianity

That’s the battle line in the visible Church, but at the same time we are now seeing dividing lines in our world being drawn. For example, the role of government increasing in the lives of our citizens, and not for the better.

How do we respond to all of these things? Do we fight it, prepare for it, or something else?