Something HUGE is missing from the Last Supper! [VIDEO]

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The Bible miniseries on the History Channel is one I cannot endorse. Many have said, "What's the big deal? It's getting unchurched people interested in the Bible, isn't it?" The problem with this is that the complete Gospel - the only message by which the Bible says we can be regenerated to life by the Holy Spirit - is missing! No sin, to repentance. And there's something else you need to know. Something huge.

Open your Bible to the Last Supper and then watch this:

If you didn't catch it, hover your mouse pointer over this verse, John 14:6.

I found that video embedded in a blog post by Christian author Sunny Shell, who was one of many producers Roma Downey and Mark Bennett contacted to help promote this series before its release. But when she saw what these two had done to the real breathed-out Word of God, she flatly refused. Read her story. It is excellent - especially the Q & A interview at the end. Then share this with your friends and family who still think this miniseries is perfectly fine:

History Channel's 'The Bible' exalts man over God