The New Age and Roma Downey

Roma Downey & Mark Burnett

What does Roma Downey, the co-producer of The Bible miniseries, believe? We know she and her husband Mark Burnett are Catholic. But did you know she also attended the University of Santa Monica, a private graduate school founded by New Age spiritual and self-help guru John-Roger?  She will graduate with a master’s degree in spiritual psychology in June.

"As someone who has been on a spiritual journey for many years, it seems a natural extension of that work," says Downey. "The skills I’m learning will ultimately qualify me to be a therapist."

Says Roma, who lives in Malibu, ‘My kids go to school about a 40-minute drive away. I’m open to the group’s opinion about what we listen to on the way there. On the way back, I get my own selections — books on tape by Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins…My husband says I’m so self-realized I’m practically levitating.’


Good to know.

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