"America needs the Ten Commandments" says Joseph Farah

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 4.48.26 PMWND founder Joseph Farah has just launched a national billboard campaign featuring the moral law in Las Vegas. “The goal is two-fold,” Farah says. “I want to prick the consciences of believers and non-believers alike, and I want Americans to see the basis of all our laws as handed down by God at Mount Sinai in hopes they will repent of their sins and turn back to their Creator.” Seeing a billboard of the 10 Commandments is going to help people repent of their sins?

Dear Joesph Farah: As much as I'd love to see the world repent of its sins and the culture become a great environment in which to raise my kids, I have to take issue with your methods. America needs the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, not the 10 Commandments. You want to change the culture and impact the world, only the Gospel can waken those who are dead in their sins to a hope in a life with Christ. You cannot just preach LAW-LAW-Cropped screenshot of Yul Brynner as Ramses fr...LAW-LAW-LAW without the Gospel to a world that does not know Him, because as it says in Ephesians, the world is blinded to truth and none of the Law will make sense. The Ten Commandments didn't soften Ramses' heart, and it won't deliver the repentance you are looking for.

I doubt if he will hear me against the crescendo of "amens" coming from American Churchianity. Oh well. Here is his story from WND.com: