What's on your bookshelf?

Books on how to live a Christina life at Focus... Does it matter what we read outside of the Bible?  Spiritual Research Network has updated its 2010 MASTER LIST OF AUTHORS AND BOOKS Not Recommended, containing many popular titles you'll find at Christian bookstores and leadership conferences, and perhaps even your own church's library. Some are labeled "Heretical," others "Cultic," and some are given a "caution."

Let's face it, we all have books on our shelves from Christian authors who sounded theologically deep when we bought the book, but now have made  the list of books those in discernment ministries are warning us about. I have my own collection of questionable titles that I've picked up at garage sales and Christian conferences over the years.  So I am going to share the list today, but want to make my motive clear: It's not to tell you to burn your books or avoid reading certain authors. No, we do not tell anyone what they shouldn't read. Instead we want to help you take what you read and hold it up to the pure light of Scripture, understanding that most books are a mixed bag of truth with error. Besides, I think these are worth talking about.