Does the Gospel need innovation?

One pastor in Florida at Church of the Glades is taking high tech to a level that is raising eyebrows. This past weekend the pastor dressed up as Spider Man, flew down on a wire from the ceiling to the stage where he was flipped upside down. His wife then came up and performed the infamous upside-down kiss from the movie:

You can watch the entire "sermon" by clicking on this link. I have watched the sermon, and it was very entertaining; very worldly. I didn't really hear a lot about Jesus or the Gospel. This service was geared toward single people looking for that special someone.

Also, the church boasts that it is "Emerging" and draws people to services by providing T-shirts bearing the Church's motto, "No Perfect People Allowed," and posters advertising some of its provocatively named programs, such as "The World's Largest Strip Club" or "Dropping F-Bombs." Plus they did the whole 3-D Christmas program --copied by other cool and emerging churches.

So this begs the question:

Does the Gospel need innovation?

(Let us know what you think!)