Have we coddled our youth?

If you have kids or teens and you listen to this program, you might want to call them into the room to hear this message. In every denomination, there is a battle going on for one thing: Is the Bible God's true Word?

There is a lot being said and done in the Church these days in the name of Jesus that is leading Christians off the narrow path He spoke of. Jesus also spoke of deceivers and wolves. And while we can educate ourselves and discern true from false, are we adequately preparing our children?

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We know that today's young people are poorly prepared for the so-called "real world" that awaits them.   Have we coddled them as parents, youth pastors or mentors?

icon_500Joining us for this discussion is youth leader Sam Wood, a campus minister at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's Newman Center,  and Jeff Strommen of HopeNet360.