We get letters like this

email We get a lot of email, and try to share as many as we can on our program. Every once in a while we repost them with permission.  The one I'm sharing today is typical of the experiences many of our listeners have when visiting churches for the first time.  Take particular note of how this writer was able to discern the spiritual forces going on in this particular service.

Dear Stand Up For The Truth,

I recently attended a new church in my community that I thought we may like, and was shocked. I prayed that God would strongly lead me and make me aware if this church was for our family or not leading up to that Sunday.

During the service, there were Islamic-sounding phrases that we were told to chant, which completely shocked me and almost send me running.  When verses were presented, they "interpreted these words for us."  When that was done and at the end of the service there were "healers" and people who preformed "miracles" at the front of the church calling people to come up for healing and miracles. I do believe in healing and miracles through God - absolutely. However, this was offered as a matter of fact, "Just come on up and it shall be done".

I felt strongly from God that this was wrong. I got an overall dark and uncomfortable feeling as we chose to stay until the end as not to disrupt or be rude. After we left, my husband and I looked at each other without words. We could not believe what we had just experienced. Obviously we did not return, and left completely shocked and almost scared.

We both read our bibles and I pray we will always have out eyes wide open to the absolute truth of God.

I urge people to pray about everything and every choice in their life.

Thank you for giving alerts to all of us,


Why was M concerned? Where did those dark feelings come from? As I corresponded with her, I believe M and her husband were able to trust those uncomfortable feelings because of one thing: They had been steeped in God's Word, and are very familiar with the truth of Scriptures.

As we always say each and every day on our program, take everything you hear, read and experience and hold it up to the Word of God. If you know it, then you will know the Truth, and it will set you free and set you apart.