"The Suicide of American Christianity:"

"Drinking the "Cool"-Aid of Secular Humanism"

With the release of my co-host's new book, there is a new opportunity to understand the big-picture view of what's been happening to the Church these past several decades. Yes, there are good things happening in the Kingdom, but the apostasy is increasing at an alarming rate. It's not happening around the perimeters of the Church, but coming right through it. Mike LeMay has a gift for capturing what is at the heart of the matter.

But ask yourself first, are you ready for your eyes to be opened?

Here is my take on it. The Suicide of American Christianity: Drinking the "Cool"-Aid of Secular Humanism will be a hard book for many believers. It gets to the heart of how the Church has been invaded by a sweet and inviting apostasy that has been dumbing us down in the last several decades. Mike is one of the rare few who has a big-picture view of the many tentacles of deception, but who also knows its root cause.

Mike says 5 - to - 10 years from now, you won't even recognize American Christianity, it is changing that rapidly. He is right about time running out for the Church. These deceptive movements and teachings are exploding exponentially like a cancer. We feed it with our biblical illiteracy, our itching ears and our lust for the wide path. The loving thing to do is to stop pretending it isn’t there. Thankfully, Mike goes beyond just the diagnosis, and offers a ray of hope for those who will return to Christ and His teachings.

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And if you do purchase a copy or download the e-reader version through that website or this one, Amazon will kick back a small percentage of proceeds through its affiliate program which Mike is donating 100 percent to our ministry work. In fact any proceeds from the book sales he receives is going right back to this important work. That's a commitment I both respect and support. Thanks Bro!