Pastors: Ambiguity harms your sheep!

  Last night Northpoint Community Church Pastor Andy Stanley tweeted this:

Does he not know how his glib attitude and non-answers deeply cuts the hearts of the Body of Christ?

This is what a friend of ours posted on our Facebook Page this morning:

See, Pastor Stanley, your ambiguity--in a sermon no less-- over whether homosexuality is a sin is nothing to be laughing about or congratulating yourself on.

I'm glad you erased your tweet, but now you need to get in front of a microphone and explain to a waiting world what your position on biblical truth is. You should have been clear and swift when you started your sermon series weeks ago. Or when you were designing your image for your sermon illustration (how long ago was that, exactly?). You should have done it Sunday. Or Monday. Yes, your credibility is damaged now, but a swift and clear answer might be able to salvage it a little. There is Grace for that.

It is not too late.