The Matthew Vines video ~ and a response

People are calling it an "eye-opener." A "mind-changer." And perhaps you will, too. Lot's of folks including Christian pastors have been considering a video from a 21-year-old gay man, and whether they should evolve their minds about what Scripture says homosexuality.  A new video from Matthew Vines is influencing many minds and hearts to wonder if God perhaps condones homosexuality. This young man has made a compelling case in his hour-long teaching about what he feels is the true context of what God actually meant.

Think it wouldn't sway you?  Here is the video, but do read the rest of this post first before you click Play:

Matthew is very smart (he is a student at Harvard), and very humble. That combination has swayed Christians from the Truth for centuries, and Matthew is very convincing in his bold case for gay marriage.   If you choose to listen to his case, I would urge you to also read the response to Matthew from another Matthew, 23-year-old Matt Moore. Matt experienced the homosexual lifestyle for most of his life until the grace and love of Jesus Christ transformed him. I'd love to have him come share his incredible testimony on our program, as several others have done.  Here is Matt's response to the Matthew Vines viral video, plus a link to Matt's page.