When Johnny learns a different worldview

Dr. Seuss's Birthday Celebration

We're continuing our discussion on the issues that can divide us as Christians, and we're digging deep into our mailbag to share your responses in the second half of our program today.

Plus, does extreme environmentalism have an anti-Christian worldview? Many are alarmed that politically powerful environmental organizations are actively working to convince not only church leaders around the world to get on board with its agenda, but the doctrines of this movement are also being taught as truth in classrooms around the nation. How is that happening, and what can we as Christians do about it, if anything?

In the first segment, our guest, Dr. Cal Beisner of  the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, joins us to explain how the greening up of faith, education and the Church will radically change America and lead us to staggering results in our government. Dr. Cal was an instrumental resource and interviewee for the new documentary movie, AGENDA: Grinding America Down, a ministry in itself showing how end times prophesies are already playing out and have been for years. It’s one of those films every Christian should see and share.

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